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2021 Announcements

Fund Raising

Football is a very expensive sport and our program is only supported by our own efforts. Consequently, fund raising must be a year round activity. Obviously, we are much more successful when everyone associated with our program and everyone who believes in the benefit of youth sports gets involved in our efforts. We raise money in a variety of ways and each effort presents an opportunity to get involved. Our efforts include:

Our annual raffle: We print up 2000 tickets to sell at $10 each for chances to win a variety of prizes gathered each year by our Board The drawing is held at season's end. Our players are required to sell many of the tickets. However, their required sales do not get all tickets sold. Helping sell the remainder of these tickets would be a tremendous help.

Our field advertising: We have 20 slots on our fence facing Highway One available for $400 per year each. Assisting in getting these spots sold to businesses in the surrounding community would be invaluable. We also have virtually an unlimited supply of spots inside our fence facing the playing field which can be sold on an individually negotiated basis; we can use as much help with this as anyone can provide.

Helmet sales: We are required to essentially discard our football helmets when they are ten years old. We have in excess of 80 such helmets. Rather than simply dispose of them, we hope to sell them for $50 each as souvenirs. Helping in this effort would be greatly appreciated.

Concessions: At our home games for all of our programs, selling food, drinks and merchandise is a great way for us to raise money. You could be a person who volunteers to help man our booths or a person who donates food or beverage items to sell.

Memorial plaques: Now that we have a permanent home, we have created a memorial area on our fence. If you would like to honor a loved one permanently, we will mount a plaque in their honor for $500 (we will purchase the plaque from those funds engraved as you direct).

Shopping: This is a win-win proposition. Almost everyone does some amount of online shopping these days. You can actually indirectly donate to our program a couple of different ways just shopping (and it actually doesn't cost you). Amazon has a program set up and we have an account with them. If you do your Amazon shopping by logging on to instead of and select us as your cause of choice, they will donate a portion of what you spend to us. There is also the Flip-Give program described on our home page; shopping through this method with a variety of companies you commonly use gets money donated to us (again not costing you anything). These programs only donate a small percentage of what you spend shopping, but imagine how much that would painlessly bring in if everyone associated with our program took a moment to do the shopping they were going to do anyway this way.

Various projects: Almost any other fund raising idea requires a large "sales force" to be successful. If you are an exceptional sales person, we'd love for you to reach out to us and let us know you'd be on board for future projects.

Donations: The simplest way to support our program is by directly donating money to our program. We are a 501c3 non-profit corporation and your donation would be tax deductible.

Great Ideas: If you have original ideas for raising money that we might not have considered and are willing to help us implement your idea, we'd love to hear from you.


Off-Season Program

Work with QBs began 3/16/21. Interested prospective QBs at any level can get involved by contacting Coach Stu Wyckoff.

Outdoor sessions will begin once the snow has gone and the field is dry enough.


Practices in August will be held at our field (Lisa's Boneyard) on HIghway One midway between Presque Isle and Caribou. Dates and times to be announced.

Regular Season

During the season, practices will be at Lisa's Boneyard; games will be according to the schedule posted.

Our New Field

Lisa's Boneyard is ready for play and will be our permanent address going forward.

There are currently no announcements. This widget is invisible to users until there are new announcements.
There are currently no announcements. This widget is invisible to users until there are new announcements.
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