USA Football
Requirements for Coaches

Hopefully, this page will outline the steps necessary for you to follow to be a part of our team.

As a new coach to our organization:

1a) For Tackle Football, go to and sign up for a coaching membership; when asked to pay for this, use promo code "aroostookco18" instead. Using the user name and password you create, come back to our site and go through our online registration process as a coach. The Online Registration page will take you through this process.

1b) For Flag football, you will sign up to be a coach using our website only; using the same user name and password created to get your child registered for flag football, you will follow the instructions in the other link for coach registration on our home page. Optionally, you can also go to USA Football at and get a coaching membership as a Flag Football coach; this offers you a lot of new and useful information to help you be a better coach (we hope to make this mandatory in the future).

2a) For tackle football, using your newly created USA Football membership, go to and use your coaching membership to complete the Youth Tackle Coach Certification (or recertification if you are a returning coach) if you are going to be a coach in the middle school or high school program. When you have completed this courses, please print out a copy of your certificate and turn it in to the head coach for our files.

2b) For Flag Football coaches, using your newly created membership, you should try to complete the Flag Coaching Certification Course offered by USA Football. When you have completed this course, please print out a copy of your certificate and turn it in to the league Commissioner for our files.

3) You will need to complete a background check:

  • Log onto
  • On the left side of the page there is a link "Background Check Self Registration" you will need to click on.
  • Once you open that link, you will enter 76037829 in the box where the self registration number is asked for.
  • Then you will follow the on-screen instructions, providing information as requested, the legal authorization/certification and making payment by credit card. Make sure you use your full legal name and no abbreviations.

4) You will need to review and sign the Coach's Code of Conduct you will receive when you complete your registration and turn this in to the head coach.

Please write down or remember your user name and password. You will use these as long as you are a part of our organization and as long as you are a USA Football member.

As a returning coach:

1) Using your user name and password, log into your account on our page and register as a coach for the current season.

2) Go to and use your coaching membership (renew this if not current using promo code "aroostookco17" so you won't have to pay) and take the same courses listed above. Please print out your completed certificates and turn in copies to the head coach.

3) Your background check is good for two years. If you completed it successfully last season, you may skip this step. If you completed it longer ago, you will need to follow the instructions above and complete a background check.

4) Review and sign the Coach's Code of Conduct and turn it in to the head coach.

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